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Adam Love

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New York, NY

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After finishing my Bachelors degree in Physics from MIT in 2008 I have been working with students of all levels to master difficult topics in math and science.

From introductory physics to college level courses I have helped students at all levels excel in their courses as well as on standardized tests.

My 7 years of experience has allowed me to work with students of all learning styles and personality type. My experience has allowed me to develop teaching strategies to reach students on an individual level, applying the best strategy to motivate each and every student to reach their full academic potential.

Teaching Methods

I teach a method of problem solving that can be applied to any physics problem. I first teach how to interpret and set up a problem, then go on to show how to use the method with specific examples, repeating the same method for problems in any topic.

By helping students gain insight into a universal method of problem solving it allows students to begin solving problems on their own, building confidence and motivation to continue to improve their skills independently.

I have designed original course materials for use at REACH Prep, teaching the fundamentals of physical science to 6th and 7th grade students in an easily understandable way through hands on experiments and exercises.

Once the fundamentals of problem solving are mastered real world examples and applications are integrated, enabling students to gain context and answer the question "Why is this important?" beyond preparing for the next exam.

My goal is to create lifelong learners. Motivating and inspiring students to achieve at the highest level. By showing students that even the most frustrating topics are within their grasp they gain a confidence that they can master anything that they set their mind to.


  • Bachelor of Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Physics in 2008

Professional History

  • Summer Science Program Director at REACH Prep in Stamford, CT from 2007 - 2009

About Me

MIT Graduate majoring in Physics.

5 years of tutoring experience in the Tri-state area.

I specialize in teaching high school and college level physics, Chemistry and Biology.

References (3)

Maude B.

10:14 AM 22/May/15

Relationship: Parent

Adam is a gifted tutor and teacher. He put my daughter at ease, so that she was able to learn and retain information in the areas that cause her the most stress: physics and math. With Adam as her guide and mentor, she has been successful both in school and on standardized tests with a minimum of stress and discomfort. Adam is wonderful!

Katherine L.

13:33 PM 20/May/15

Relationship: Parent

Adam has tutored my son in Physics to help prepare him for the Physics 1 AP and Physics SAT II exams. My son has enjoyed his tutoring sessions and has a great rapport with Adam. Adam is very professional and is a great communicator when setting up tutoring sessions. He is good at giving guidance for work between tutoring sessions, and during the session they get right down to business. I have no hesitation in recommending him to others!

Robert J.

14:47 PM 18/May/15

Relationship: Parent

My daughter was tutored by Adam. He was amazing with her. She is very smart, currently a student at RPI, but was having serious emotional problems at the time. He bonded with her, assessed her academic and emotional strengths and weaknesses and was both a tutor and a supportive older brother. Other tutors we hired (prior to Adam) never took the time or did not have the insight to relate to her. He knew and could teach the science and math that she needed help with, but more important he taught her to respect herself for the bright, wonderful girl she was and the amazing woman she has become.