Alex S.

Alex Schoenfeld

Expert Tutor — SHSAT, SAT, ACT, Math (including Regents and AP exams)

New York, NY

150.00 /HR


I started tutoring in 2013 as a senior at Columbia University. My initial focus was the Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT), and over the years I developed expertise in the SAT, ACT, and math at the high school and college level. In 2018 I co-founded Test Day Hero, a test prep program with a strong emphasis on technology and visual learning. We aim to give our students the tools to see standardized tests for what they are: formidable but conquerable opponents.

Teaching Methods

As an artist, I appreciate that there are countless ways to use one's brain. A lot of my job as a tutor is sussing out how people think so I can explain concepts on each individual student's terms. I have a particular fondness for visual learning, but I can switch to analytical mode on a dime.

I also love hacks. Most assessments put you on the clock, and it's often difficult to finish in time. I try to make my students' lives easier by giving them a variety of time-saving tricks to stash in their back pocket.


  • Bachelor of Arts from Columbia University in Philosophy / Computer Science in 2014

Professional History

  • Co-Founder at Test Day Hero in New York, NY from 2018 - Present
  • Private Tutor at Tutoring Collective / Self in New York, NY from 2013 - 2018

About Me

Alex Schoenfeld is a standardized test tutor and math teacher. He started tutoring as a senior at Columbia University in 2013, focusing on the SHSAT. Over the years he added specialties in the SAT, ACT, and math at the high school and college level.

Alex grew up near Minneapolis, Minnesota and attended an arts high school, where he focused on songwriting. Upon witnessing New York City’s brutally competitive education system as a tutor, he set out to make test prep less stressful and more fun for his students.

References (2)

Anne-Isabelle C.

11:14 AM 12/Jan/20

Relationship: Parent

Alex Schoenfeld tutored my kids for the SHSAT in 2017 and 2018. They both got into Bronx High School of Science (currently 9th and 10th grade). He was very adaptable and I really appreciated how he quickly identified the areas/topics where each needed more support. Alex worked diligently towards closing the gaps and preparing them smartly for the exam. He built a wonderful rapport with my teenagers, not only were his explanations very clear and simple but he was also a great source of method, structure and motivation!

jason l.

16:20 PM 15/Nov/19

Relationship: Parent

hire alex! why he's great? alex, cuts right to the point and wastes no time. he was exacting in his process of determining both my kids test weaknesses. he isolates and attacks, problem solving only where there were problems. why is this important? he made the process digestible for my kids, they were able to feel great about what they got right and then focus on what they needed to work on. alex's no bullshit approach is pragmatic, successful and rare. my eldest child used him and got into b tech (his first choice - now a sophomore ) and my youngest (8th grader) just used him for the most recent SHSAT (results not back yet, but based on his test improvements with alex, not sweating it). my youngest took some Praxis tutoring, and dropped out. compared to what alex was delivering, Praxis was a waste of time and money. alex also happens to be a great guy, if that matters to you. bottom line, not sure where you will find a better tutor for your child. alex happens to be extremely good at what he does. and no, alex did not pay me to write this review.