Dan J.

Dan Jetter

Tutoring From a Professional Scientist Also Trained as an Educator

East Brunswick, NJ

224.00 /HR


• I've professionally tutored for over 1600 hours (my sessions' average rating from students = 4.9 out of 5)
• I've earned Master's Degrees in both Science Education AND Public Health
• I've scored 100% on general Science content knowledge test required to teach any high school Science in NJ
• I've been trained as an MCAT instructor by a national test-prep firm (topics: Physics and Chemistry)
• I've run a biomedical research lab (topics: Biology and Chemistry)
• I've developed, and teach every Summer, an SAT Prep course in Hong Kong for college-prep firm there

Teaching Methods

My tutoring is essentially academic coaching. I avoid lecturing. Rather, I guide the student through his/her practice.
Thus, for SAT/ACT/MCAT Prep, my Teaching Method is based on the student's practice testing, then reviewing errors.
For Science/Math, my teaching method is based on the student's tandem problem solving (uses HW assigned @ school) and study (uses school course material, esp textbook). I then guide the student through his/her re-solving of the problems that the student answered incorrectly.

(Due to competition reasons, I cannot divulge details here. Suffice it to say that my step-by-step methods have been proven to work excellently by my private tutoring students since 2007.)


  • Master's from Hunter College in Science Education in 2007
  • Master's from Rutgers / University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey in Public Health in 1998
  • BA from The Evergreen College in Pre-Engineering (Mechanical) in 1986

Professional History

  • Founder, Director, Tutor (Science, MCAT Prep, SAT Prep, ACT Prep) at OnCall Tutor in East Brunswick, NJ from 2009 - Present
  • tutor (Science & SAT Prep) at tutoring for sundry other firms in throughout Central NJ from 2007 - 2009
  • High School Science Teacher at New York City Dept of Education in New York, NY from 2004 - 2006
  • Biomedical Researcher at Veterans Administration (Bronx Veterans Medical Research Foundation) in Bronx, NY from 2002 - 2004

About Me

I am a perpetual student, who finally realized that his expertise (the methodology for learning academics) could be useful to others.

My past studies concentrated on Public Health & Engineering, so I'm particularly adept @ guiding students through the Sciences. (esp. Chemistry, Physics, & Biology. In fact, this Fall I'm launching a Science tutoring non-profit for Rutgers pre-meds who could not otherwise afford such excellent tutoring,)

However, I like to think of myself as well-rounded: I also eat & sleep.

References (2)

Stephen D.

00:41 AM 28/Mar/15

Relationship: Educator

Dear Book and Table: It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Mr. Daniel Jetter. I have known Mr. Jetter since the beginning of the 2004 Summer semester when he became a student in my science education methods course. In total, I taught Dan in 5 of my courses while he attended Hunter for his MA in Adolescent Science Education. By being Dan’s teacher in many of his courses I am in a good position to say something about his academic success while at Hunter College. Like many of my students, Dan is a bright person with a strong science background (he earned an average of an A in my classes). But what differentiates him from the rest is his heart – he truly cares about his work, and when he was tutoring, he cared deeply if his students were understanding the material they were learning. This characteristic coupled with a strong work ethic is a great combination for a teacher, a tutor, or for any candidate to possess when looking for employment. Dan is a mature, confident, can-do person, who I have no doubt can become an asset to your business. In closing, I highly recommend Mr. Jetter for a position in formal and informal education. Sincerely yours, Stephen DeMeo Professor of Science Education Dept. of Chemistry Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction 212-772-4776 sdemeo@hunter.cuny.edu

Sean T.

23:00 PM 01/Mar/15

Relationship: Friend

Dan is an excellent and dedicated educator. He is always willing to walk extra mile to help students. He has helped many high students in USA and China to achieve great scores in their SAT, TOEFL tests as well as college students in their science and math classes. Dan has comprehensive experiences for students with different background, and his unique tutoring method has been approved very effective.