Daniel S.

Daniel Southren

Physician and Admissions Consultant

Philadelphia, PA

252.00 /HR


Daniel is an Attending Physician in Anesthesiology at the University of Pennsylvania, where is he involved in medical student, resident, and fellow education, clinical and healthcare economic research, and hospital operations/quality improvement projects. He previously completed both his MD and MBA at the Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons and Columbia Business School from 2010-2015. Daniel graduated Phi Beta Kappa in 2010 from Washington University in St. Louis with a BA in Biology and minors in Art History and Anthropology. He studied jazz piano performance and was engaged in a number of basic science and translational research projects at the Washington University School of Medicine.

Daniel has over a decade of admissions consulting experience, and consistently receives rave reviews from clients. They praise him for his ability to structure their stories in a way that portrays them in the best possible light in order to effectively market their skills to institutions. His students find him both "reassuring and encouraging" despite being "challenging" as he helps them push the through their boundaries in order to achieve and exceed their goals. He is an expert at helping students to create a personal brand that coherently tells their unique stories through strong experience in creative nonfiction writing.

Teaching Methods

Teaching methods will be specific to the student. However, I believe it is critical to spend in-session time not just on review of content and background but on determining how to tell the student's story. We will take an iterative approach in order to effectively express how students will contribute to their future institutions. Medical schools are looking for students who will have a broad impact on their colleagues, and I have the experience to portray you to the committee in the ideal way.


  • MBA from Columbia Business School in Management, Healthcare in 2015
  • MD from Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons in Surgery in 2015
  • BA from Washington University in St. Louis in Biology, Anthropology in 2010

Professional History

  • Attending Physician at University of Pennsylvania, Department of Anesthesiology in Philadelphia, PA from 2020 - Present
  • Private Tutor, MCAT and USMLE at Med School Tutors in New York, NY from 2011 - Present

About Me

Dr. Daniel Southren, MD, MBA is a practicing Pain Physician and Anesthesiologist at the University of Pennsylvania. I previously completed my MD and MBA at Columbia University and my Anesthesiology Residency at the University of Michigan and Fellowship Training at Harvard-Massachusetts General Hospital.

I have mentored and supported hundreds of students through the undergraduate, medical school, and residency admissions process. Content creation and personal marketing is critical in representing oneself in the best possible light, and I look forward to helping you write your story in order to get into your dream institution.

References (3)

Yasmin A.

11:47 AM 13/Jun/15

Relationship: Student

Daniel Southren and I were introduced via a medical school tutoring company when I was searching for a tutor and mentor to help me tackle the MCAT. Before our first meeting had even ended, I felt confident that I was in the right hands. Daniel, having just been through the process of medical school applications himself, was not only helpful as a tutor of the material itself, but was also able to provide advice and insight concerning the exam and the steps ahead. He was very professional and goal-oriented, always being sure to clarify the topics that we would cover at our next meeting so that he could review them and prepare extra materials for me to work with. He made sure to keep our meetings on time and accomplish all we had set out to do within the timeframe, but was also flexible enough to go over-time if I was struggling with something specific that day, which I greatly appreciated. Besides his professionalism, it was also comforting and encouraging to know that Daniel's mastery of the material never faltered. Not only did he know the material forwards and backwards, but he also had innovative and useful ways of breaking it down into understandable and memorable basics. Further, because of his vast experience with so many standardized tests (MCAT, GRE, USMLE Step Exams, etc.) and their respective practice question banks, he has vast knowledge of many different types of themes and tricks that one might see on an exam. It becomes obvious that having someone with this much experience opens up many different ways to just get questions correct, even when the answer is not always obvious, which was extremely helpful for me. Lastly, I think that there is a lot to be said for having a tutor who not only has a mastery of the material and a gift for teaching, but also one who genuinely wants to see you succeed and is invested in that goal. I think that is something unique that I found in Daniel that I had not necessarily seen with my tutors in the past. I highly, highly recommend him for anyone looking for support and teaching throughout their exam preparation, I assure you that you will be in great hands.

Sophia M.

13:50 PM 26/May/15

Relationship: Student

Daniel S. tutored me to help me prepare for the MCAT exam. I had already taken the exam once, but I wanted to improve my score. Working with Daniel was a huge help. I was self-motivated to study, but I really benefitted from being able to ask questions to Daniel, clarify concepts I did not understand and review all of the information. Daniel helped me to review my practice tests so that I could learn from my mistakes- something that I was not as successful at doing when I studied by myself the first time. I also really liked how Daniel presented information. I could tell that he is very smart and understood the information well himself. He also helped me understand how the MCAT material is relevant to practicing medicine, which made me enjoy the studying more. I ended up improving my MCAT score from a 31 to a 36. I will be studying at Harvard Medical School in the fall. I would definitely recommend working with Daniel S. as a tutor.

Marla L.

21:10 PM 22/May/15

Relationship: Student

Daniel was an all-around excellent tutor. I am a medical student who was a student of Daniel's while studying for my MCAT exam and felt he was instrumental in my improvement. He quickly identified my specific weaknesses that we could work on and subsequently addressed these with practical, straightforward teaching that was complete, concise, and easy to understand. As a thinker, he is incredibly smart and forward-thinking. He clearly understands and embraces the goal-oriented approach to academic studying and standardized test-taking and takes his job of guiding you towards your goal very seriously. As a person, he is flexible, friendly, and fun and easy to work with. I highly recommend Daniel as a tutor to anyone looking for practical strategies and great teaching.