Drew D.

Drew Denbaum

Certified teacher with years of experience

Stratford, CT

134.40 /HR


I received my Master’s degree in teaching from Sacred Heart University and my B.A. with honors from Yale University, where I was awarded the Saybrook Fellows Prize. As a Connecticut instructor with Professional-level certification, I have taught English/Language Arts, as well as Film and Theater Arts, at all high school and college levels. Many students have worked with me throughout their academic careers. Students at any level of critical thinking skills can benefit from these lessons, from those who are struggling to keep up with grade-level analysis to the gifted and accomplished. As a lifelong learner, I regularly attend professional development activities, including TED lectures and programs with the Marzano Center. I am also an award-winning professional writer with many credits as a playwright, screenwriter, and published author.

Teaching Methods

Most students find that communicating online via Skype and email is the most efficient and effective. My teaching methods are based on the principles of humanistic education, especially the common-sense understanding that what students are feeling will impact their motivation and capacity to learn. My experience has been that if students are encouraged, engaged, and inspired, they will blossom and strive to reach their full potential. As a tutor, I feel the same way. I most enjoy teaching when I am collaborating with my students in a learning experience that is exploratory and adventurous. I differentiate my instruction by offering choices to students based on their strengths and learning styles, all for the purpose of fostering their intellectual growth and self-actualization. Lessons are structured to accommodate each student’s needs, emphasizing any aspect of critical thinking that needs improvement. Some students need to build up basic skills in thesis development and research analysis. Others have to master lateral connections and imaginative elaboration. All sessions are augmented by independent work, so our time together is productive and inspiring.


  • M.A.T. from Sacred Heart University in Higher Education Teaching/English in 2007
  • B.A. from Yale University in Drama/English in 1971

Professional History

  • Book&Table Tutor at Book&Table in from 2014 - Present

About Me

Drew provides writing and critical thinking tutoring in all subjects. He received his Master’s degree in teaching from Sacred Heart University and he is highly skilled in preparing students for the new Common Core standards and rigorous SBAC assessments. Since graduating cum laude with honors from The Lawrenceville School and Yale University (where he was awarded the Saybrook Fellows Prize), Drew has been an award-winning professional writer with many credits as a playwright, screenwriter, and published author. As a certified CT instructor, Drew has taught English/Language Arts, as well as Film and Theater Arts, at middle, high school, and college levels. Drew is an empathetic and inspiring educator. His goal as a teacher and tutor is to build confidence and motivate students to improve their writing skills and achieve higher levels of critical thinking, analysis, and self-expression in any subject.

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Roberta W.

16:10 PM 30/Mar/15

Relationship: Parent

My son and daughter were both tutored by Drew in high school and college, and we all thought he was wonderfully helpful—experienced, encouraging, and knowledgeable about many subjects, including American and British Literature, Drama, Film, History, Environmental Science, Philosophy—pretty much every subject that required essay papers or any kind of writing. Drew has a way of really building a student’s self-esteem and this was very important for my son and daughter. They were struggling when Drew started working with them and they are now much more confident and successful. My son has now graduated and my daughter is finishing her sophomore year, and Drew has surely been a big part of their success.

Elizabeth M.

15:12 PM 30/Mar/15

Relationship: Parent

Drew was invaluable in helping our son (as a high school senior) improve his writing skills with higher-order critical thinking, as well as the technical aspects of better writing, like editing and revising. Most importantly, I think, Drew gave our son the self-confidence and motivation to “find his voice” as a writer and we know this was essential in helping him get accepted into his first choice college. We expect Drew to continue to be a big help by working with our son online on many of his college writing assignments. If there is a rating for tutors, Drew should definitely get four stars!

Eileen R.

15:03 PM 23/Mar/15

Relationship: Parent

Drew Denbaum is an excellent tutor! He is by far, one of the best. My high school junior had a number of writing tutors, but Drew was the only one to keep my teenager motivated. His expertise, genuine caring and gentle manner will all benefit any student who needs help. Drew's positive outlook for his students keeps them engaged through the challenge and feeling better about themselves. He is able to help a student break down an assignment to experience success step by step. Not only is the student able to reach completion, but gain a higher level of confidence in his or her abilities. Drew is also excellent helping high school seniors craft their best personal expression for college essays. I highly recommend Drew!