Jeannine F.

Jeannine Frumess

Expert Tutor for Middle School, High School, and College Test Prep, Mathematics, ELA, Writing

New York, NY

150.00 /HR


I work out of my office on 5th Ave. and 27th Street. If this doesn't work for you, feel free to contact me to discuss travel rates.

My credentials:

99th percentile SAT, 99th percentile SHSAT. National Merit Scholar, YoungArts Award in Musical Theater, 2005.

I have been a full-time private tutor specializing in all levels of test prep, math, and ELA since graduating college in 2009 (B.A. in English, Vassar College). Over the years, I have worked with 200+ students at all levels of ability.

My specialties:
Math, English (incl. Common Core)
Grad school test prep (GRE, LSAT)

Teaching Methods

Every student learns differently, so I work with each student to find the approach that works best. My job is to support my students and make school and test prep manageable while helping them hone the skills they need to succeed on their own.

My kid cred:
One year, I happened to have several kids at the same middle school, and one told me that I'm now known in a few circles as "The Cool Tutor." I've also been called "Funny Tutor,""Sassy Tutor," and "such a nerd, but, like, in a cool way."


  • Bachelor of Arts from Vassar College in English in 2009

Professional History

  • Co-Founder at Test Day Hero in from 2018 - Present
  • Private Tutor at The Tutoring Collective / Self in 234 5th Ave., Suite 214 from 2010 - 2018

About Me

I completed high school math and college English composition while still in middle school and graduated from LaGuardia High School at 16. Many of my accelerated courses were through distance-learning and tutor-led instruction; as a result, I'm personally familiar with the challenges facing gifted, accelerated and home-schooled students requiring individualized instruction.

I first began peer-tutoring in high school and have been tutoring professionally since graduating Vassar College in 2009. I grew up in New York City, so I'm both personally and professionally familiar with how stressful it can be to navigate the system and testing.

Throughout my years as a tutor, I have encountered students at every level of ability and learning style, including students with various IEPs at all levels of severity. While I often recommend a specialist for certain learning disabilities, I'm comfortable working in conjunction with specialists to provide learning support.

References (8)

Amy G.

18:25 PM 08/Mar/16

Relationship: Parent

I highly recommend Jeannine. After being tutored by her, both of my children attained high enough scores on the SHSAT to be selected by their choice of Specialized High Schools. She has also been very effective in assisting my high schooler in math. She has a sprightly, intelligent demeanor that is very appealing to teenagers. She is also very good at identifying a child's learning style and developing the lessons accordingly. Her student's well-being is paramount and she even let me know when my child had reached the limit of effective preparation. Very impressive!

Mary Beth K.

14:04 PM 29/Feb/16

Relationship: Parent

Jeannine is highly professional, knowledgable, reliable, and positive. My daughter is responding well to Jeannine's positive influence and technical knowledge, and she is seeing improved results.

Laurie R.

19:59 PM 28/Feb/16

Relationship: Parent

Jeanine has been tutoring my son for major test and now for a class. She is smart and can capably teach/coach the kids but, most of all, she helps them feel confident about their skills.

loretta l.

10:05 AM 23/Feb/16

Relationship: Parent

Jeannine offers an approachable yet effective tutoring style. I was incredibly impressed with Jeannine's ability to go beyond the obvious. When my daughter struggled with a concept, Jeannine considered her personality type in the solution. On certain levels Jeannine has become a mentor, offering solid insight and advice. I am grateful for the relationship between my daughter and Jeannine.

Julie R.

20:32 PM 20/Feb/16

Relationship: Parent

Jeannine was a tremendous support to my daughter during an important time in middle school. She has a positive and personable attitude and immediately made my daughter feel at ease and comfortable. Jeannine is able to tutor in all subjects, but was especially helpful with writing and editing skills as well as with math work. When it came time to start preparing for the SHSAT exam, Jeannine was thoughtful about the process. She offered many effective strategies for test taking and was well versed on the exam and what it would entail. Jeannine really understood my daughter and the areas where she needed support. She knew when to push, but she also knew when my daughter needed encouragement to build her confidence, and she was always available to provide this to her. We feel fortunate to have met and worked with Jeannine.

Josh S.

21:09 PM 17/Feb/16

Relationship: Parent

Organized, efficient, reliable and made studying fun and rewarding for my daughter.

William S.

16:58 PM 02/Feb/16

Relationship: Parent

It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation for Ms. Jeannine Frumess. She has been a tutor for my son for over four years. During that time, she has knowledgeably guided him through his math course work, prepared him for a specialized high school entrance exam, and prepped him for taking the ACT exam. He did extremely well on these test, and I attribute much of that the Jeannine. She has the rare qualities of relating to kids, motivating them to learn, while somehow making her no nonsense expectations enjoyable. Jeannine also has been tutoring my daughter in the last two year. In the beginning, my daughter professed an extreme dislike of math and felt lost. After only a few months with Jeannine, she not only began to enjoy math, but started to do well on her testing and assignments. While she still does not "like" math, she is much more knowledgeable and confident about here skills. Jeannine is an excellent tutor and an excellent person. I cannot recommend her more highly. Dr. William Seiple

Alexandra P.

22:55 PM 01/Feb/16

Relationship: Parent

Jeannine has tutored my child for over a year. What I most admire is how versatile she is. Jeannine changes her approach according to what is needed in each session. Her areas of expertise are many. We hired Jeannine for math tutoring but very quickly discovered that she could help our child in all subjects. She has an uncanny ability to make my child understand any subject. Jeannine's tutoring was instrumental in our child receiving First Honors in 7th grade and obtaining top scores in her high school admissions tests. Jeannine's dedication goes beyond the sessions. She makes herself available to the kids after hours and on weekends. She suggests resources to reinforce what she teaches and gives assignments when needed. Our child looks forward to her sessions with Jeannine. We are extremely happy with the results.