Jonathan S.

Jonathan Stevens

Ivy League Grad For Mathematics and Economics Tutoring

New York City, NY

112.00 /HR


In 2014, I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Applied Mathematics with a secondary in Economics from Harvard University. My coursework included instruction in microeconomics, macroeconomics, linear algebra, real analysis, probability, optimization, set theory, and computer science. My advanced studies have prepared me well for all levels of high school and undergraduate mathematics curriculum.
I have been working as private tutor since entering college in 2010. Over the last year, I worked with more than 50 students for more than 600 hours of private instruction. I helped students raise their ACT and SAT scores, tackle challenging AP math, physics, and economics courses, and improve their test and homework grades.
I've worked with students on material ranging from sixth grade curriculum to college coursework, though most of my students have been between the ages of 14 and 21.
My students have made tremendous improvements in their standardized test scores with some improving as many as 10 points on the ACT. My subject students have been able to pull their grades in class up a full letter grade or more with a marked improvement on chapter tests and final test scores.
I constantly refine and adapt my teaching approaches based on the student's needs and strengths.

Teaching Methods

I work with the materials provided by the student's teacher, but also provide supplementary problems and examples of my own formulation. I may also refer students to helpful print and online materials that may have been left off of their syllabi by their teachers.

When working in person, I help the student work through example problems as I explain important topics and answer specific questions raised by the student. Together, we can go over past tests, revise and correct old homework, and fill conceptual holes before future assessments.

When working on individual subjects, I assign worksheets and exercises from the student's textbook and online worksheets. Depending on the course, we may also use a prep book from either Barron or Princeton Review. This is particularly helpful for AP studies.


  • B.A. from Harvard University in Applied Mathematics and Economics in 2014

Professional History

  • Data Analyst and Chief of Staff at Eden Health in New York from 2016 - Present
  • Private Academic Tutor at Private Prep Inc. in New York from 2014 - 2015

About Me

A Midwestern native, I've now become a New York transplant following my college years at Harvard University. I'm now the data scientist and chief of staff at an NYC-based tech startup. I love calculus and traveling to new places. Please reach out if you want help accomplishing your mathematics goals!

References (4)

Tony O.

14:33 PM 13/Jan/16

Relationship: Friend

Not only is Jonathan one of the most intelligent people I know, but also one of the most effective at communicating ideas and concepts. He consistently challenges others to think in new ways, while retaining a professional degree of patience. Although I am college-educated, I occasionally have questions about mathematics. Jonathan is always able to walk me through these questions with speed and confidence.

Alex S.

11:46 AM 12/Jan/16

Relationship: Friend

Jonathan is one of the most responsible, patient, and intelligent friends I have. I am consistently impressed by his knowledge and curiosity, qualities that are imparted to his students in the course of tutoring. Cannot recommend Jonathan highly enough!

Eve A.

11:25 AM 12/Jan/16

Relationship: Student

Jonathan not only helped me with the material I was learning in school but also taught me how to work through problems when he wasn't there. The combination of his wit, patience, and creativity made him extremely effective and pleasant to spend time with.

Sheri W.

09:31 AM 12/Jan/16

Relationship: Parent

Jonathan has been a huge help as a math tutor to my daughter who is currently a junior in high school. He is a patient teacher and gives my daughter the knowledge, skills, and confidence to perform well on her exams. The subject matter in honors Pre-Calculus is very challenging and Jonathan's in-depth understanding of the material is extremely impressive. Jonathan receives the highest of marks in my book as a tutor and and an overall good-hearted and caring person. I highly recommend him as an exceptional tutor!