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Lisa Stahl

New York, NY

72.80 /HR


I have taken coursework in psychology (got an A), have written for an art magazine for 6 years, and have tutored personal statements for competitive colleges, grad school, law and medical school for 8-10 yrs. I have almost a Ph.D. in English with a focus on comparative literature (Columbia University). I have taken recent coursework in professional writing: screenwriting, public relations, psychology and journalism, with an average gpa of 3.7 (Hunter College, UCLA). I've taught analytical and research writing on the college level for 15 years. I'm a professional writer with 70 publications.
As mentioned before, doctoral credits (47) in English (MA + 47 credits) Columbia University. Professional experience as a writer. Trained in test prep with a test prep tutoring service in Los Angeles. I'm a professional writer with 70 publications. I've also taken recent coursework in psychology, public relations, algebra, statistics, and screenwriting, journalism, etc. and have done extensive research in politics for a prominent political strategist - so I researched international affairs. I wrote test questions for Pearson Publishing for an introductory college course in political science. In tutoring outside of English and literature, I typically work with students on analysis of texts and help them with essays.
15+- 20 years.
Students in prep schools, college students, graduate students, adults (ESL) who needed help with business writing, with doctoral dissertations in applied mathematics and classical music. I edited graduate essays in political science, art history. I worked with many test prep students, typically on SAT, occasionally GRE and GMAT. I once helped a student pass the Bar Exam. She needed help with the Analytical Writing section of the Bar. I have developed extensive expertise in crafting personal statements and supplemental questions for applications to elite colleges, medical, dental, law school.
I have excellent results, particularly with brighter students.
I'm a professional writer and I keep current by tutoring and teaching college classes and occasionally taking classes. For example, I recently took a seminar at the 92nd St Y on world literature. I also keep current as a journalist who covers a wide variety of things from fashion to art to travel to wellness.

Teaching Methods

I sometimes bring in books that I've purchased (as for example I have several excellent books on writing the personal statement). I have test prep books on the SAT, GRE, GMAT put out by Arco and Princeton which I use for practice tests, along with actual tests given in the past.. I have sometimes supplemented that with books I've used in teaching college - such as books on critical and analytical thinking, literature, or writing.
I pre-plan based on a discussion with the student in advance of what they need help with and why. I generally base my preparation on a consultation with the student in advance of the session and prepare accordingly. My tutoring rate varies according to preparation required for sessions and expertise. $ 70.00/hour is max for test prep. If I am just working with a student on improving an essay and/or improving their writing, my rate will not be as high (typically $ 60.00 per hour).
It really depends on what I'm tutoring. I have used a variety of methods to stimulate ideas for personal statements. I am a professional writer trained in creative writing as well, so I am very effective.
I use test prep books to assist me - often recommend the best one out there - to help my students with test prep - i.e. SAT, GRE, Gmat. Sometimes I find materials from college textbooks I've used and make copies of exercises.
It's effective because I design instruction according to the student's needs and areas of weakness, rather than imposing a plan on them. It's effective because I'm good at getting to the core of what their problem is and addressing that.


  • Master of Arts from Columbia University in English and Comparative Literature in 1986

Professional History

  • Lifestyle editor at Beauty and Well Being in New York, NY from 2014 - Present

About Me

I'm not just a tutor; I'm an experienced educator, tutor, and professional writer/editor with an eclectic background.I write for a chic digital publication; on fashion, art, gourmet food, sleep disorders, luxury wellness resorts, Ayurvedic nutrition. I also write marketing collateral: ads, publicity, social media, bios, brochures, historical book prefaces or identify new business for private clients including authors. I;ve been a technical writer for a non-profit foundation supporting the marketing team since March.

I have an extensive college teaching and tutoring background, as detailed below, along with a stellar academic background. A 3-time fellowship winner at Columbia University, I was awarded an MA with honors, top of my class and completed most of my doctoral credits on full academic scholarship. I have since completed coursework in professional writing, education, public relations, psychology, and even statistics, earning consistently high grades.

I have worked successfully on test prep, personal statements for elite colleges and law, medical, and dental schools, and interdisciplinary writing from high school to doctoral candidates. Students I've worked with have been admitted to top-tier universities like Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Berkeley, Georgetown, NYU and others of that ilk. I have also helped students achieve score gains on the Verbal SAT, GRE, GMAT of sometimes as much as 150 points on one section of the exam in just a few weeks or a few sessions.

I have been a project manager/writer/instructional designer of 2 distance learning courses on fashion,writing instructional tv scripts training Saudi Arabian girls.. As a project manager/writer for an e-learning course that's been accredited by the federal government along with NYS, I developed, produced and wrote the entire class on fashion style which has been accredited by both the federal government and NYS w/projected launch in April. Under deadline & budget, I did extensive research, identified, hired, interviewed, managed prominent SMEs.

My feature articles have often made cover I have more than 75 publications.. I've interviewed prominent people in many industries, museum directors, CEO's film directors. I'm an idea person, can hit the ground running and write punchy, sophisticated, thoughtful, edgy prose.

I am an excellent editor and have copy edited marketing collateral for top ad agencies and the marketing departments of Fortune 500s.

II was a researcher for a renowned political strategist and adviser to Clinton/Bloomberg, I assisted with the research and writing of 3 books.

I'm a successful coach/editor/tutor for students-from seniors in high school to college and grad students & professionals. I have edited doctoral dissertations in applied mathematics and classical opera, Master's essays in art history, political science, and psychology, and have also worked successfully with non-native writers who were marketing and financial executives at well-known companies.

I have taught writing, business writing, critical thinking, film & literature, media p/t at universities for some time.

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George M.

13:42 PM 23/Jan/16

Relationship: Educator

Extremely confident teacher teaches student how to enjoy learning and become successful in their english and other classes. Her style of teaching is unique student have a great deal of respect for her ounce they feel confident with her style of high expectations . If they are to survive the demands of the universities she has a the skills and love of teaching that student need to adhere to in order to be successful in their education and do well while striving to improve themselves. Ms. Stahl is an educator for life and gives life back to student who want to learn and improve themselves thru education. We interviewed 200 hundred applicants for one position and she meet the challenge and was chosen. Lisa meet the challenge extremely well. We would hire her without reservations she is a master teacher.

Jonathan M.

13:41 PM 23/Jan/16

Relationship: Educator

Ucan Prep 4 College, LLC is an after school college prep program that prepares college bound students in the following areas: SAT, ACT, SAT II literature, SAT II Math 2c, college planning and college essays. Ms. Lisa Stahl has worked for us since 2000. As a result of her superb academic credentials and effectiveness as a teacher, we have found Ms. Stahl to be very effective as a coach on the critical reading and writing portion of the SAT as well as the SAT II literature. When she worked with us, students shared they were very pleased with their SAT score gains, a direct result of the tutoring they received from Lisa. Ms. Stahl has also successfully helped our students with the personal statements of their college applications.