Maurice W.

Maurice Wright

Founder of Book&Table

New York, NY


140.00 /HR


Math: At Columbia University, I majored in economics and obtained a concentration in math. I aced Calculuses I through III and went on to take more advanced level courses as well. I have been tutoring high school and college students since 2008 across all levels and disciplines.

Test Prep: In 2009, I was trained in ACT and SAT prep when I began working for a tutoring agency in Westport, CT. Since then, I have worked with hundreds of students in both one-on-one and group settings. For the ACT exam, my students improve an average of 7 points, and for the SAT exam an average of 150 points per section.

I can also provide online lessons via video conferencing. While most of my students have been in the Greater Tri-State and Boston areas, I have taught many students the same disciplines through video conferencing services such as Skype and Zoom.

Web Design: I lead the design team at Book&Table.

Teaching Methods

Math: I prefer to have my students one lesson ahead of their math class. This allows them to become more familiar with the information and gives them a chance to ask me questions before class. Keeping my students slightly ahead of their class provides a noticeable increase in their confidence, which leads to better study habits. Algebra students also have access to the interactive videos on the Book&Table YouTube Channel to utilize before and after our lessons.

Test Prep: There are specific books I like to have my students use depending on the exam. For the ACT and SAT exams, we will begin by having the student take a full-length practice exam of each (on separate days) and then choose the exam we want to focus on. I will take the student through each topic covered on the exam and provide homework assignments. As a former student-athlete, I am aware of the flexibility that needs to be taken into account with each student. Each ACT and SAT student has access to the interactive videos on the Book&Table YouTube Channel to utilize before and after our lessons.

Web Design: The end goal of the student dictates my process. The type of experience you are creating will determine the technologies we will work with and the workflow that needs to be set up to achieve this goal. Once these are finalized then we will use Adobe applications such as Photoshop and Illustrator to build the foundation of skills that will help you achieve your goal.


  • BA from Columbia University in Economics in 2009
  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) from Columbia University in the City of New York in Economics in 2005

Professional History

  • Founder & CEO at Book&Table in from 2013 - Present
  • Director of Operations at Andover Test Prep in Westport, CT from 2010 - 2013
  • Private Tutor at Andover Test Prep in Westport, CT from 2009 - 2010

About Me

I grew up in Rockland County and attended Spring Valley High School. I am a former student athlete: a competitive swimmer in both high school and college. Since graduating from Columbia University I have been working in education, from tutoring to curriculum development. To me there is nothing better than working with a student to achieve their goals, and it all begins with getting them to believe in themselves.

References (7)

Grace W.

12:02 PM 10/Aug/16

Relationship: Parent

Maurice is an awesome tutor!

Hope D.

07:37 AM 19/Apr/16

Relationship: Parent

Maurice has been an awesome tutor and role model. The tutoring time that my son spent with Maurice was invaluable. My son learned the necessary skills and confidence to take the ACT and to recieve his desired score The most important strategy he learned from Maurice was for him to focus on his strengths as opposed to his weakness. I think this strategy was a pivotal one. So often we are instructed to focus on our weaknesses instead of focusing on what our strengths are. I wholeheartedly reccomend Maurice and Book & Table!!!! My son has been offered a place in Harvard University's Class of 2020.

Deneise C.

07:37 AM 19/Apr/16

Relationship: Parent

Maurice is the best tutor my son has had the opportunity to work with. He not only tutored but mentored and shared so many life expierences with him that will definitely help to shape his future. My son got so much more than tutoring from Maurice. He constantly talks about how his explaination and delivery methods made it so much easier for him to understand and retain the material being reviewed.

Joseph T.

12:15 PM 16/Apr/16

Relationship: Student

Maurice is insightful, knowledgeable and well prepared. One of the best educators I've ever met, a fantastic resource for people looking to excel at the SAT, GRE or other standardized tests.

Samantha S.

08:02 AM 15/Sep/14

Relationship: Student

Maurice has helped me improve my SAT scores considerably since beginning tutoring lessons with him. Before working with Maurice, I did not feel confident that I would get an SAT score that would help me get into the college of my choice, but after working with Maurice, my SAT scores are beyond what I expected to achieve. Maurice provides effective ways of teaching and shows you how to approach the many types of questions you will encounter throughout the test. He also makes sure that you understand the reasoning behind getting the answers correct so that when you see a similar question, you will be well prepared to answer it. I have had a great experience tutoring with Maurice and strongly recommend him.

Krystal S.

13:46 PM 14/Sep/14

Relationship: Student

Since beginning my work with Maurice, my SAT score has gone up dramatically. Maurice is a fantastic teacher; he knows what I need to work on and how to teach me. In addition, I've talked to some of my friends who have been enrolled in private tutoring courses with other programs, and no one else has raised their score more than 100 points. I would recommend considering Maurice for SAT tutoring; he is very knowledgeable and shows you many tricks and different ways to approach different types of questions.

Helen F.

20:36 PM 12/Sep/14

Relationship: Parent

Maurice is a gifted tutor. He provided guidance on which tests to take and helped our son study efficiently and effectively for the SATs and ACTs. Because our son went to boarding school much of their time working together was online which was perfect given our son's busy academic and athletic schedule. Once Maurice was involved our son was committed - they worked extraordinarily well together and our son's test scores were excellent. He ended up in the college of his choice! We enthusiastically recommend Maurice Wright!