Steve W.

Steve Warner

Math Professor, Test Prep Expert, and Bestselling Author

New York, NY

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I have a Ph.D. in mathematics and have been teaching advanced mathematics at Hofstra University for nearly 15 years. In addition I have been tutoring students in advanced mathematics for about 20 years. I have written and co written 18 test prep books for my test prep company Get 800. These include books for the SAT, ACT, SAT subject tests, and AP Calculus exams. I have more than 15 years of hands on experience tutoring students for each of these standardized tests both one on one and in small groups.

Teaching Methods

My methods are determined by the student's background knowledge and level of mathematical maturity. If background knowledge is lacking, I may spend time reviewing basic definitions and creating very simple problems to deepen the student's understanding of these definitions. After making a determination of the student's level of mathematical maturity I will have them work on problems of the appropriate difficulty level. In some of these classes we will need to work on the student's proofwriting skills. This is a process which takes time and effort. I streamline this process by presenting proofs to the student while having them attempt to fill in key details and/or explain to me why certain steps are or are not necessary. I like to emphasize drawing pictures and producing examples to help visualize an argument or produce a counterexample.


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) from Rutgers University in Mathematics in 1996
  • Bachelor of Science (BS) from College of Staten Island in Mathematics in 1992

Professional History

  • Owner at Get 36 ACT Math Preparation in New York, NY from 2013 - Present
  • Owner at Piano Online in New York, NY from 2013 - Present
  • Owner at Get 800 SAT Math Preparation in New York, NY from 2012 - Present
  • Professor at Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY from 2002 - Present
  • Assistant Professor at Penn State University in Reading, PA from 2001 - 2002

About Me

Steve Warner currently lives in Manhattan with his two cats Odin and Achilles. Although Steve pays the rent, Odin is clearly the head of the household.

In addition to being a mathematician, test prep expert, and author, Steve enjoys playing the piano. In fact, he was the keyboard player in a band for about 15 years, and has written over 150 songs. He also maintains his physical fitness through weightlifting, swimming and yoga.

References (9)

Elizabeth T.

21:02 PM 28/Jun/15

Relationship: Parent

Steve is an extraordinary math SAT tutor who is responsible for teaching my son how to raise his math score 100 points in under one month. My son found Steve through online research at a point of complete discouragement in the SAT process. He had been working with a tutor at a company that is the "gold standard" in SAT prep (and a fortune of money) for a year who could not help him improve his math score, despite taking numerous practice tests and investing hours of homework a week. In April, my son received a score of 600 and frustrated and defeated, was ready to give up when he came upon Steve's book which promised to raise his score 100 points in one month. He purchased the book and then called Steve to tutor him through the process. It took only FOUR sessions and Steve's book to result in a math score of 700 in a little LESS than ONE MONTH! My son found Steve to be excellent at explaining math concepts and test taking strategies and extremely caring and encouraging. Steve was flexible in setting up appointments and very communicative with regard to my son's progress and work plan. The 100 point increase is directly related to Steve's outstanding tutoring and the program he created in his book. I highly recommend him as a tutor. My son's results were incredible and exactly what Steve predicted they would be! Thank you so much Steve!!!

ovidio B.

23:10 PM 23/Apr/15

Relationship: Educator

Steve is an outstanding instructor and author, I would recommend his work to anyone seeking his expertise.

Susan K.

23:07 PM 23/Apr/15

Relationship: Student

Steve has been a friend as well as a tutor to my family. I went back to school a few years ago and had trouble with Pre-Calculus. He was patient and willing to explain things twice so I got it. Shortly after I had several tutoring sessions, my daughter needed tutoring for her SATs and ACTs. He was so accommodating and worked really well with the schedule we had. She, of course, did AWESOME on her tests!! I would highly recommend Steve!! He is really an exceptional tutor and teacher. He wants you truly understand the concepts before he moves on to the next thing. He is worth EVERY dollar you spend on Him!!

Larry R.

10:36 AM 20/Apr/15

Relationship: Educator

Over the past 15 years, I have seen Steve Warner develop into a first rate educator. He has improved himself each year and brings a consistent energy and professionalism to every endeavor. His lessons and his books are clear, thorough and at all times helpful.

Rosemarie G.

16:42 PM 19/Apr/15

Relationship: Parent

He has tutored 3 of my children. Excellent math tutor. Very professional. Highly reccimmend

Thomas S.

14:13 PM 19/Apr/15

Relationship: Educator

The first impression anyone has of Steve is his intelligence. He is not only one of the most knowledgeable people I know, he also gets things done. The more he has on his plate, the bigger his appetite grows. He is a college professor, accomplished writer, respected publisher, dedicated mentor, and still finds time to play the piano like a master and keep in great physical shape. He has more energy than any three people I know! But the quality I like best about Steve is his sense of humor - just ask his cats.

Andrew O.

09:57 AM 19/Apr/15

Relationship: Student

I have worked with Steve Warner twice. The first time was in 2007-08 academic school year for the AP Calculus exam. I worked in a group with fellow classmates, and Steve was a phenomenal at explaining and clarifying the concepts from class. I was very happy with the results. I contacted him again in 2012 for preparation for the GRE. Steve's help was paramount in my near-perfect score, and I have gone on to pursue my PhD degree at NYU. Steve is remarkably professional with his students. He is extremely knowledgeable. I would recommend his service to others who are looking to better understand and excel in high level mathematics.

Frank L.

14:58 PM 18/Apr/15

Relationship: Friend

Steve provided expert tutoring to my son who was taking a calculus class in college. When my son told us that he did not understand the material, we learned that his high school did not provide him the prerequisites that he needed for that class. Subsequently, his college informed us that our son "tested into" the class, so they assumed he was prepared for that high-level class. Steve began to tutor our son, and taught him both the prerequisites and the course materials, and our son passed the course. I don't think this would have been possible without Steve. He was well-informed about the material and he presented it in an easy-to-understand way.

Marc B.

03:53 AM 29/Jul/14

Relationship: Parent

I used Steve W. and his books for my 17yo son and with the help of his books and Dr. Steve, he went from 550 to 720. College is expensive, not getting into the right one even more so...He is a great tutor. At the end of the day you get out of it what you put in so that is an important component. Steve W. provide the foundational expertise, structured thought and practice that is invaluable.