Daniel S.

Daniel Steyskal

Adept Physics, Chemistry, Earth Science, Biology and Math Tutor

Nyack, Hudson Valley, Westchester, Nj, NY

112.00 /HR


I Tutored with C2 Education for 6 years and as a private, in home tutor at various points in my life. I have assisted countless students with standardized test prep, school coursework and enrichment programs. Additionally, I do software training for small and mid-sized businesses.

I am not a tutor who watches a student do homework, but one who teaches students how to think and how to build a repertoire of problem solving skills that best suit their learning style.

Teaching Methods

I use physical models for concepts whenever possible. One can discuss equations all day, but when a student can see a reaction, a demonstration or a real world example of how a concept applies they will better remember and utilize it. My varied interests allow me to tailor these connections to things that are related to topics of most interest to a student.

I always pair instruction with practice to ensure a student not only knows the material, but can apply it in creative ways.


  • BA/BS from McGill University in Economics and Environmental Science in 2006

Professional History

  • Technical Project Manager at Tiburon Lockers in Rockleigh, NJ from 2013 - 2014
  • Sole Proprietor at Trapezoid Business Services in Nyack, NY from 2010 - Present
  • Instructor at C2 Education in from 2007 - 2013

About Me

I am a young professional who had always kept an eye on academic subjects. I studied math, chemistry, environmental science and physics extensively in University and continue to investigate areas of interest in energy and materials science. I also spent a year in Law School, but pursued the path of the entrepreneur instead. With some experience under my belt, www.tpzbusiness.com, I will be pursuing a JD/MBA program soon.

This led me to a life of constant learning and I like to share my love of knowledge with others. I take great joy in seeing that love ignite in students, which is why I have been a tutor for nearly my entire professional life. On a given day I'll be tinkering with electronics, doing research relevant to my business or just exploring something that interests me. Recent topics of interest include crowdsourcing solutions for vulnerable populations, cost control methods for quick service restaurants and what constitutes a "well engineered sandwich".

I grew up in Rockland county NY, went to McGill University, then Seton Hall Law, though only for a year, before moving to Essex County. Now I am back in Rockland and am putting my academic and business skills to work. You'll see me use my unique experience and familiarity with technology as tools to enhance lessons.

References (2)

Arlene F.

08:25 AM 02/Apr/15

Relationship: Parent

Daniel has been working with my daughter for a few weeks and he is proving to be very effective. He has a solid background in the subject matter and has been successful communicating to and reinforcing the concepts with her. He is very conscientious and communicates with me after each lesson, ensuring that I have been kept abreast of the progress achieved. Our goal is to see improvements in test scores and to potentially build a better foundation for future electives. Daniel has been a key resource for us and is a pleasure to work with. He is flexible, professional, and a great fit so far.

Jasmine S.

08:25 AM 02/Apr/15

Relationship: Educator

Daniel worked for me as a private tutor for about 4 years and was a great employee. He was always very thorough with his lessons, but flexible to ensure both the student and parent were satisfied, as well as my own operational needs. A student is lucky to be working with Daniel